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Company Profile

TacMed was started in 2000 with a view to meeting the need for Specialised Life Support Medical personnel who can function exceptionally well in situations that are of high risk and/or hostile in nature.

With a South African background, TacMed’s instructors have served their time in South Africa’s armed forces as Special Forces Operators, Special Task Force, Advance Life Support Paramedics and Operational Emergency Orderly (OECO)/ OPS Medics. In the civilian realm, they have worked with South Africa’s private and public emergency services through the turbulent transition from appartied to democracy, where an average working night saw as many as 16 gunshot, riot and vehicle trauma-related calls. They also have extensive medevac experience, working in South America Colombia, the Middle East and throughout Africa.

With 50 years of experience in close protection, medical rescue, and advanced trauma life support, TacMed instructors are eminently qualified to select, train and lead a team of Tactical Emergency Medical Specialists in any austere and hostile environment.


To provide unique tactical medical support in high risk, hostile environments, to any potentially threatened client, by supplying highly trained, multi-skilled medical practitioners who specialise in tactical emergency medicine. "To Bring You Back Alive"


To provide a team of tactical emergency medical care practitioners who can handle any adverse situation with the highest level of medical expertise, professionalism and discretion.


To be professional, honest and successful.