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TEMS Tactical Emergency Medical Training

As you may know, Tactical Medicine is a new and fast-growing field in South African Emergency Medical environment. I have been conducting research and have been developing TEMS for the South African Emergency Care Practitioner over the last 19 years. With our own extensive Combat and ALS medical experience as a starting point, we took time to investigate and attend various International courses to see how the international market attains their goals in the training of their medical professionals.

In November 2006 we ran our first South African TEMS pilot course, which proved to be a huge success. The course was developed to specifically cater for the needs of the South African Emergency care worker. We shaved off some of the more American ideas and added/ adapted more important subject matter that would suit the African Market.

You may be wondering: Who should attend this course?
Our ideal is to see every emergency care worker with this qualification. At this stage we cater for all BLS to ALS personnel (including Doctors and Nurses). The course is structured to equip the emergency care provider with the knowledge, skills and insight to work safely in a high-risk, high-threat environment, something that we face regularly in South Africa.

About the course.....
• The TEMS course is a highly energetic fun filled practical experience. We have implemented a modular approach to try and make it more financial feasible for the average medical person. It consists of a Medical module and a specialist module. You have to do the medical module before you decide what specialty you would like to specialize in. The specialties are Urban, Rural and Maritime Tactics. You are more than welcome to train in more than one. During the 5 days medical module we will be imparting knowledge on the following subjects:
• Introduction to TEMS
• Medical equipment
• Wound Ballistics and Blasting injuries
• Medical Reconnaissance and Planning
• Transport Techniques
• Tactical Primary Health Care / De-briefing
• New developments in Airway, Breathing and Circulation Techniques
• Shock and its management
• Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)
- Care Under Fire
- Tactical Field Care
- Casualty Casavac
• International Trauma Life support (ITLS) Under Fire

Who are our lectures?
We are privileged to have some of South Africans best subjects specialists presenting the medical lectures.
Our lectures are committed to give you their best, and to enable you to learn and experience the ultimate in TACTICAL EMERGENCY MEDICAL CARE.

And the benefits?
With TEMS there are medical professionals immediately on scene in a conflict situation and able to render immediate emergency medical care. The facts speak for themselves: when Civilian Paramedics are trained in military as well as policing tactics in order to support their local law enforcement agencies, more lives are saved than through the normal and conventional ways of EMS. Most of South Africa can be considered a high-risk environment, especially in the realm of emergency medical care. I do believe that this course would make an immerse difference in your day –to-day lifestyle, the way you deal with emergencies, as well as your every day work on the South African streets

The Cost, requirements and duration of this module?
This is a 5 day course filled with the latest and greatest Tactical Medical concepts.
The course will cost R8500 but it will include uniforms and manuals.
Requirements: Professional registration with HPCSA or International Equivalent. (BLS, ILS, ALS, Medical Doctor and Nurses)

Tactical Medicine Training