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Basic TEMS Introduction

This course has been created specifically for the civilian person with no medical background that fears he/she might bee involved in a tactical or austere environment where him/herself or somebody else might be injured in the situation. How to handle and how to deal with the situation? This is a two and a half day course that focuses on basic treatment of a casualty, in both the austere and tactical environment. A total of 5 hours is spent with theoretical work, which focuses on the basic Principals of Shock and bleeding control as this is one of the most common emergencies. More than 90% of this course is practical. The course focuses on practical sessions which integrate the theory components of the course work to understand how to response to situations in hostile environments. The medical theory component includes the following subjects:

• Basic circulations, airway and breathing (CAB) principals
• What is shock and how it works?
• Shock the signs and symptoms?
• Treatment of shock
• Bleeding control: Packing of wounds, different tourniquets and the use there of, using haemostatic dressings
• Transportation/extrication techniques
• The principals of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)

The tactical skills are trained by professional tacticians, who are highly experienced in both the medical and hostile environment.
Some of the tactics to be trained includes:

• Basic firearm handle and use
• The survival mind set
• Use of cover and concealment
• Basic Urban Tactical movement
• Moving of the “X”
• Basic House movement
• Night shooting with torches
• Care under fire

Duration: By the end of the two and a half days students will be able to participate in scenarios, by using both the theoretical and practical training information gathered in course work. Price: R3800 per student excluding ammunition (+/- 100 rounds will be used) Requirements: A minimum of 8 students are required for the course to commence. Bookings are essential and should be made well in advance to confirm placements on the course. The course is physically intensive and a high level of fitness is required.

“It’s the basics that make the difference!”