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TEMS Rural Tactics

The curriculum of this course is not set in stone, as per the needs of the student the course is adapted to the client’s needs. This module of the course can only be completed if the student has done the TEMS Medical Module. This part of the course would look into more detail to the rural aspect of TEMS. The course is structured is such a way that the student is able to assist and work with a team of personnel in the rural environment some of the subject that could be covered in the course is.

1. Basic firearm handle use and competency
2. Night shooting with the use of torches.
3. Rural movement
4. Helicopter operations
5. Use of cover and concealment
6. ED/VBIEDs/Mines
7. Mass casualty
8. Chemical and Biological warfare
9. Anti- sniper techniques
10. Vehicle movements
11. Basic of Tracking
12. Survival
13. Bush lane
14. Observation skills
15. Navigation and Communication
16. River crossing.

This module of the course is much more physical than the any other TEMS course and need more physical preparation.” When the body get tiered the mind starts to stray!” this is the concept that we fight against.

Duration: This is a 10 day course, filled with adventure and excitement.
Price: R10 000(ZAR) or $730(USD) or £640(Pound)
Requirements: Have to complete the Medical Module of the TEMS course.