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TEMS Maritime Tactics

An extremely exciting module! In this module we teach the student how to operate safely in the maritime conditions with a professional Close Protection Team (CPO) or Professional Security Detail (PSD). The following skills would be taught to the student.

• Maritime principles and concepts
• Sea Survival
• Know your Cargo
• Threat Assessments
• Weapons and Tactics
• Route planning and Immediate Action Drills
• Action Stations
• Protect your vessel
• Counter Bridging and Boarding
• Effective Fire Plan
• Medical Emergencies and Extractions
• Maritime Law and Anti-Piracy

This module of the course is much more physical than the any other TEMS course and need more physical preparation.” When the body get tiered the mind starts to stray!” This is the concept that we fight against.

Duration: This is a 10 day course, filled with adventure and excitement.
Price: R10 000(ZAR) or $730(USD) or £640(Pound)
Requirements: Have to complete the Medical Module of the TEMS course.